Realistic Rainbow Photoshop Overlay

by 3motional in , , on April 18, 2022
Realistic Rainbow Photoshop Overlay, Sky Reflected light leak, Rainy Weather Flare, Multicolored Circular Sunlight Arch, Fantasy PNG PrismRealistic Rainbow Photoshop Overlay, Sky Reflected light leak, Rainy Weather Flare, Multicolored Circular Sunlight Arch, Fantasy PNG Prism

Rainbow Photo Overlay pack contains 31 PNG Transparent files.
This Multicolored Circular Sunlight Arch photography overlay adds a Realistic rainbow, Fantasy, Magic, Dreamy, & Colored glow beam, to your portrait & Landscape images.
These Photoshop Overlays are best for
Digital Background & Backdrop, Outdoor rainy weather sky, children and family photos, Happy time photos, Prism Spectrum Lightray texture, Light leak & flare sunlight Effects, Instagram influencer, blogger editor, & Social media photos.


🔶 31 Photo Overlays
🔶 5000× 4000 RESOLUTIONS
🔶 PNG Transparent
🔶 Compatible with any non-linear editor, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut, Sony Vegas, Movie Maker, Pinnacle Studio, Avid, & Photopea.

✔️ What Does It Feel Like?

Rainbow Overlay pack is a digital ready-to-use and transparent image pack.
I have produced these overlays because rainbows are frequently represented in Western art and culture, as a sign of hope and the promise of better times to come so I decided to create a digital transparent Rainbow to be perfect in any way and reflect the Hope and better time in our selfie or family photos.
My searches resulted in 31 PNG Transparent images that will help your photos to look magical, Dreamy, and amazing with a few clicks.
Rainbow overlays have been produced especially for portrait and landscape Photography, Social media photos, and photo editors. non-experts can use it without a doubt. just take a look at the tutorial added in the below paragraphs.
This is 3Motional and you are very welcome to my shop.
I arranged some frequent terms that will help you check and purchase this item with more confidence in the below paragraphs.

✔️ Is It Suitable For My Photos? What If It Isn’t?

You are so welcome to get free advice before purchasing to be sure that the item is suitable for your photos.
Just send me a message with an unedited image and I will check the result for you.

✔️ Is It Ready To Use? How Does It Work?

This is a ready-to-use package. You will get all the files in a zipped file.
Now uncompress the zipped file. You can use the PNG files in different apps like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.
Just put these PNG files on your photo, adjust the color, size, or orientation, and Illuminate your designs in just a few clicks.
Photoshop is a common application that you can use but If you do not have any editor apps do not be a worry. We have provided a useful tutorial for your convenience:

🎥 Watch the tutorial:

✔️ What Can You Expect From Us?

3Motional focuses on photo effects, graphic design, and motion design. We are working hard, sharing our skills & experiences to get the most perfect effects & designs that will be truly useful & time-saving resources for everyone.
Our products are developed to enhance the beauty of your photos & speed up your photo editing workflow.
They have been carefully created to look good with many different types of images and photos. Just remember that changing the mode (Screen, Overlay, Lighten, Multiply, etc) is a necessary step to get the best result on your pictures.

🔶 Easy To Use
Our designs are so easy to use that anyone can use them, even those who have just opened Photoshop, lightroom, etc for the first time.
Photo overlays will create amazing and advanced effects for you in just a few minutes without any effort.

🔶 Time-Saving
Save you hours, days, weeks, or months of work. Photo Overlays are created in a way that both beginners and experts can use to save lots of time working on both personal and commercial projects.

🔶 Use Free Online Editor
Photopea is an online photo editor supporting many files including PNG and JPG. This is free of charge and you are free to use this online platform to edit your photos and save them online without the need for any other apps.

✔️ Support

Each overlay file is tested on different photos and footage to ensure there are no errors. If you experience an error, please check the tutorials and then leave us a message.
🔶 Email: emotional.st@gmail.com
When you purchase one of our items, you are not just purchasing an item, you are also becoming a member of the loyal customers’ club. Contact us on Instagram @3motional_Studio and if you tag #3motional_Studio, I can see all your amazing photo edits and share them in our daily stories. You will be surprised by the gifts we consider for our customers.

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I would be grateful if you share your experience. Seeing glowing reviews from existing customers means a lot to me.
This helps us to continue providing great products.
Thank you in advance for your review and for being a preferred customer.


This product is copyright protected, so any redistribution, reselling, forwarding, sharing, or trading is strictly prohibited.
You are allowed to publish and even sell your final work.
You are allowed to use the purchased items to create your final work such as a Print, picture, or video.
© 3Motional Studio Co | MultiMarket Studio All Rights Reserved.


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