85 Magical Merry Christmas Doodle Cliparts Bundle illustrator Vector Ai

85 Magical Merry Christmas Doodle Cliparts Bundle

in on August 24, 2019 by 3Motional_Team

Magical Merry Christmas Doodle Clip-art Bundle High res PNG sticker illustration vector ai files decoration Christmas wishes clip art xmas digital pack for commercial use.
This set is just what you needed for your doodle gift tags, labels, place setting, decorations, Christmas greeting cards, invitations, printable projects, party packs, paper craft, digital scrap booking projects, backgrounds for blogs / photo albums / scrapbooks and many more creative projects!
You’ll need a computer to open the files
You’ll receive a .zip file that will be available to download immediately. Unzip on a computer.
You won’t be able to download and open the files on your tablet or phone.
You will get:
85 Graphic elements,
each clip art saved separately in 6″x6″ 300 dpi high resolution PNG files ensuring best quality (transparent background)
5 Ai file fully customizable in illustrator
“IMPORTANT” This is a DIGITAL file, Editable and Layered Ai, with High res Png file,
This is a file that allows shop owners or designers to showcase their products.
You can add them into your images or texts or mock-up by using programs like PowerPoint, Word,
Paint, Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel etc.
You can change color the Ai file:
Open illustrator, then go to File, and select your vector file.
Select the object you want to change the color of.
Hold down shift, and click either the fill color button up on the control panel.
Once you have finished picking a color, hit the Enter or Esc key to finish.
you can change color the PNG file, Do any of the following:

1.Open photoshop, then go to File, and select your PNG file.
Use the “Magic Wand” tool to select the color you wish to change. The next step is to open the replace color box.
Go to Image > Adjustments > Replace Color.
After the Replace Color box is open, you may have to select the color that you want to change in the image.

2.Click a layer or the Background.
Choose the Magic Wand tool wand (W or Shift-W).
On the Options bar:
Choose a Tolerance value (use the scrubby slider) to control the range of colors the tool selects (for a starting value, try between 30 and 40).
Check Anti-alias to allow the tool to add semitransparent pixels along the edges of the color areas it detects. This will produce smoother edge transitions for your image edits.
Check Contiguous to limit the selection to areas that are connected to the first pixel you click, or uncheck this option to allow the tool to select similarly colored,
noncontiguous (unconnected) areas throughout the image with the same click.
To select possible occurrences of a similar color on all visible layers, check Sample All Layers, or uncheck this option to select colors on just the current layer.
Click a color in the image.
Unless your image contains nothing but totally flat color areas (which is unlikely), you’ll have to do some extra work to refine the selection.
To add to the selection, Shift-click any unselected areas.
To subtract any areas from the selection, hold down Alt/Option and click them. Or choose the Quick Selection tool, then with the Alt/Option key held down,
drag short strokes across the areas to be subtracted.
To expand a selection using a command
With any selection tool chosen, choose Select > Grow or Similar(or right click).
You can repeat either command to further expand the selection.
When the Magic Wand tool is selected, you can access the Grow and Similar commands via the context menu.
After the selection parts, you can use the brush tool (B), and choose color you want then Click and drag in the part of image to paint.
The file can be download immediately after your payment is confirmed
Download includes the following file formats:
5Ai file + 85 PNG file. (Vector)
PNG Size: 1800 x 1800 pixels
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    August 24, 2019

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    September 24, 2019

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    Ai Vector, PNGs

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    60 MB

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    Adobe Photoshop CS6 +, Adobe illustrator

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