How To Take Professional Baby Photos?

by 3motional in News on January 3, 2022

How To Take Professional Baby Photos?

How To Take Professional Baby Photos?

1) Use Phone Guidelines
One of the best and easiest ways to take professional photos with your mobile phone is by using the Guidelines. These lines help you to take smooth and accurate photos.
Composition’s rules tell us how the subjects should be placed in a photo.
Rule of Thirds: Guidelines divide the photos into 3 parts.
Place the subjects on the left or right part, so when you are looking at the photo, the subject will catch your attention.

How To Take Professional Baby Photos?

Also, you can place the child in the middle of the image. This is one of the other rules of photographic compositions.

How To Take Professional Baby Photos?

Activate the Guidelines on your phone

1. Go to Settings
2. Go to Camera
3. Turn on Grid.

How To Take Professional Baby Photos?

Android phones:

1. Open the phone’s camera
2. Go to the camera settings
3. Activate the gridlines option.
1. Go to the settings section
2. Select the professional shooting mode
3. Activate the checkered lines

How To Take Professional Baby Photos?

2) Adjust Focus

In some cases, the phone automatically adjusts the focus, but your subject may not be clear in your shot. Just tap on the subject and it will be focused.

3) Do Not Zoom

No matter what your phone is, there is no optimum optical zoom in the mobile’s cameras. When you take a shot with digital zoom, your photo will have a lot of noise and distortion, so try to get closer to the subject instead of using digital zoom.

How To Take Professional Baby Photos?

4) Use Natural Light

Using natural daylight will have a brilliant effect on your baby photos. Large windows give a more environmental light that is the best choice for your shooting. If you have a harsh light, you can use curtains to soften the light.

How To Take Professional Baby Photos?

5) Scene Composition

Fill the scene with some toys. Babies are calm when they are playing.
One of the simplest ways to get the right color combinations is to use clothes that have the same color as the toys. Also, it is better to use a solid color wall as a background.

6) Clean The Lens

Wipe the lens with a soft cloth before taking pictures. You take your smartphone everywhere, so it may have dirt and dust on its lens. So, cleaning the lens will have a big impact on the photo.

7) Do Not Forget to Edit Before Publishing

A professional photo needs to be edited before publishing.
For sure, this is the most important step.
You can do this by using a simple phone application, no worries because this does not require special software skills.

Adobe Lightroom Mobile is one of the best apps for mobile photo editing, which you can download for free.
In this article, we tried to teach dear parents how to take photos of their babies in a simple way with their own cellphone.
We know, it may be hard for you to adjust or edit the colors and lights. We made perfect color grading presets for any kind of photos, amateurs, or experts. By using these two trendy baby photo presets, edit your photo like an expert with just a few clicks and save your time.

Insta Baby Presets

Baby Photo Presets

Also, You can check this tutorial to find out Howe to import Presets in Mobile Lightroom

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