Turin Coffee Story

by Rayland in News on March 24, 2021

It was Monday evening, the weather was cold and Rachel and I were very tired.
The first day of the week is always boring and unpleasant, especially in the last hours of the day, to which fatigue is added
My hand was under my chin and I was thinking about where to go after work? Should I go home and throw myself on the bed like a 100kg weight or lie on the couch and watch the news?
I was thinking that Rachel waved her hands in front of my eyes and said, “Shall we go to Susan?” He has just returned from a trip to Italy and brought me some souvenirs
I replied: Well, wait for me to wash my face to be refreshed and put on my coat and go
We were in the cafe about an hour later, Susan had arrived earlier than us and was walking around with her mobile phone.
On the table, next to his red bag, was a package with a text written in Italian.
When we got to the burning table, he got up from Josh and hugged Rahela as if he had not seen her for several years, then he greeted me with a smile and we all sat down.
We were talking and greeting for a few minutes when the waiter came and asked us what order do you have?
I said a cappuccino please
Rachel and Susan also ordered an espresso.

When the waiter went to prepare the orders, Susan told me that if you were in Italy right now and you were ordering a cappuccino from day one, the waiter would immediately realize that you were not Italian.
I asked if the order of cappuccino was related to time?
Susan, who was waiting for me to ask her the same question, began to describe the coffee culture and its history in Italy.
At first I was not very eager to listen to the explanations that I knew would be too long, but as soon as he started talking, I felt a very good feeling in his voice and like children who are absolutely silent to hear the story of the night, I was completely silent and I listened to him
Susan began her talk with the news that a coffee museum has opened in Turin, Italy, offering great tips about this popular drink to visitors.


And then he went over the Italian etiquette for coffee, Susan said that Italians eat a cup of cappuccino with breakfast, a macchiato once or twice in the afternoon and a cup of espresso after dinner.

Susan said that there is a hot drink for Turin that is made from espresso, hot chocolate and milk, which is served in layers in a small glass. I, who really liked it, could have one of these hot drinks now and enjoy eating it. I was taking

I really forgot to say that Turin is known as the coffee capital in Italy and the Lavaza Institute is one of the famous brands of this city.
It is interesting to know that Lavaza was originally a small grocery store, but due to its initiative in offering coffee to its customers, it has become famous over time and is now one of the largest coffee merchants in the world.
Susan used to say that Lavaza would mix the coffees according to the customer’s taste and offer them their favorite drink, so that he could become so famous that now if you want to order a bad coffee in this coffee shop, you have to wait for a relatively long time.

Lately, Susan’s words became very tasty, not because of the accent she inherited from her hometown, but because of her compliment to the famous Turin chocolate.
This chocolate is usually made in the form of a small triangular prism, and after exploring the streets of Italy, you should stop and try one or two of these chocolates.


It was a wonderful night for me, as I both had coffee and a virtual tour of Turin, Italy.
This experience inspired me and Rachel to create a project called Turin, a project that evokes the feel of the words Italian, coffee, Turin, and chocolate in the language of colors.
To visit this unique product, refer to the following address.

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