How to Make The Easy Rich Cocoa (Brown Colour) Color Grading in Adobe Lightroom

by 3motional in Desktop Lightroom, Make Color Grading on September 3, 2019

How to Make The Easy Rich Cocoa (Brown Color) Color Grading in Adobe Lightroom

———–What is Lr Preset?———-
Lightroom presets are predefined settings in Lightroom or Photoshop ACR designed to enhance the outcome of your pictures. They reflect the latest editing trends and classic edits and are designed by seasoned and professional photo editors. If you’re a photographer who has a specific style, using presets is an easy way to quickly edit multiple photos in the same style. Presets are particularly useful for saving time – time that you can use to spend more time shooting gorgeous photos.

Lightroom presets are the perfect tools to find and refine your style. If you’ve ever felt like something was missing in a photo, consider applying new preset styles to visually gain a new perspective on your image.

Hello There,

Rich Cocoa Lightroom Presets is one of the premium Preset packs that we have created for professional and even beginner photographers.
These Presets change the theme of your photos to look more dreamy and warm.
Please check the preview to see the differences between Before applying the preset and after.

For more information about this package visit:
5 Rich Cocoa Theme Desktop Lightroom Presets, ACR presets

According to our creative approach:

1. We create digital media Products
2. We create help files to show how you can use them
3. We create Tutorials to show how you can make one of the presets of this package.
4. We put the preset (which we show in the tutorial) for free

Now we are going to show you how you can create the 4th preset of the “Rich Cocoa Lightroom Package”.

In this tutorial, we take 3 general steps to create this color filter.
We’ll start with

1. Luminescence
2. Saturation
3. contrast

Then by using HSL power, we will add a true realistic Cocoa color to our photo and the final step is a change inside Camera Calibration settings.


You can purchase the whole package via the link below. In addition, the presented preset in the tutorial is included for free.
5 Rich Cocoa Theme Desktop Lightroom Presets, ACR presets


Free items have no license key but they are under copyright contract. We offer you a free item to check the product before purchasing. Even we allow you to use free products for your personal or editorial works. You can share your final work on your social networks. But if you want to use the item commercially, you should have Personal, Regular, or Extended license key(s) and you have to purchase the items.

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