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Elevate your Halloween photography with our extensive collection of 25 Ghostly Lightroom Presets! Infuse your autumnal images seamlessly with captivating aesthetics and spooky, vibrant styles. Our presets offer a spectrum of themes including horror, pumpkin patch, Halloween, deep, orange, and black tones, seasonal, cinematic, eerie, dynamic colors, and creepy, dark, warm, and moody atmospheres. This bundle effortlessly enhances every shot, ideal for fall, grim, models, lifestyle, influencers, bloggers, family, autumn, and outdoor photography. User-friendly integration is ensured with easy installation via ACR(XMP) and DNG files. Immerse your Halloween photos in professional-grade effects using our exceptional Ghostly Lightroom Presets bundle and witness the transformation of your images into stunning masterpieces!

25 Desktop Lightroom Presets (XMP)
25 Mobile Lightroom Presets (DNG)
1 Help Guide (PDF)


How To Import ACR Presets in Lightroom

How To Import Dng File Into Mobile Lightroom


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