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Modern Design Overlay pack is consisting Digital Transparent Frame Masks that included:
45 High-quality PNG (6000  × 4000)

These Photoshop Overlays are specially designed for:
Album Art, Posters and banners design, social media posts and story, Product and packaging design, painting and photos, App and website, sublimation printing on T-Shirt, pillows, bags, cards, and more ...

Compatible with:
Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw, Gimp, Pixlr. PicMonkey, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut, Pinnacle Studio, & Online Photo Editor Photopea.

✔️ Is It Suitable For My Photos?  What If It Isn't?
You are welcome to get free advice before purchasing to be sure that the item is suitable for your photos.
Just send me a message with an unedited image and I will check the result for you.

✔️ How Does It Work?
This is a ready-to-use package. Download the project then uncompress the zipped file. You can use the files in apps like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.
Just put these PNG files on your photo, adjust the color, Mode, size, or orientation, and Illuminate your designs in just a few clicks.
Photoshop is a common application that you can use but If you do not have any editor apps do not worry you can use Photopea online editor for free.
Photopea is an online photo editor supporting many files including PNG and JPG. This is free of charge and you are free to use this online platform to edit your photos and save them online without the need for any other apps.

✔️ Support
It is my pleasure to be chosen by you, and my items are favored by your taste.
Each Product is tested on different photos and footage to ensure no errors. If you experience a mistake, or if you have any questions or concerns feel free to leave me a message.

✔️ Share Your Experience
Sharing your experience and seeing glowing reviews from existing customers mean a lot to me and make my day!
This helps me to continue providing great products.
Thank you in advance for your review and for being a preferred customer.

This product is copyright protected, so any redistribution, reselling, forwarding, sharing, or trading is strictly prohibited.
You are allowed to publish and even sell your final work.
You are allowed to use the purchased items to create your final work such as a print, picture, or video.
© 3Motional Studio Co | MultiMarket Studio All Rights Reserved.

Total Size
6.68 MB
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Compatible with
non-linear editor, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut, Sony Vegas, Movie Maker, Pinnacle Studio, Avid, & Photopea.
File Included
PNG Files
4000 x 6000


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