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When the mind expands , creative thinking finds its way up, at this moment tools will no longer play a big role and limitations fill fade out. Here is When Creation begins We know how to do it simple and creative, anything is possible if you have the mindset and the will and desire to do it and put the time in.Motion design, Graphic design, Illustration, Film making, 3D design, are markets we are working on.
Arteus Aftereffects Plugin GOD OF ART & CREATION
Once upon a time
LETO the Titanides (female Titans), the goddess of motherhood, got captured by the eyes of zeus and became his bride, when she got pregnant, She knew that she must hide, because Hera’s jealousy would cause all lands to shun her , so she searched for a place, an island that was not attached to the ocean floor so it was not considered land and she could give birth. No one has ever mentioned anything about the third child, but the truth is that she was pregnant with a triple. Giving birth to Artemis was without travail, she labored for nine nights and nine days for Apollo and three weeks for the third child. During the first two weeks, Leto was threatened and assailed by chronic monsters of the ancient earth.

The third child was in danger, Leto knew that this child would be the only child of zeus who could take his dignity. So she had to do her best to hide the child where no one could ever find. She prayed days and nights and asked for help of Titans. Finally, her mother Phoebe heard her voice. It was the Delivery date that she saw her mother coming down the clouds. She took Leto to the skies, the air became colorful as they were going up with an unexplainable speed, she gave birth in a colorful halo and light, she named him Arteus the god of art and creation. Arteus grew up rapidly. He was eager and creative. He made a place full of artistic splendor but no one could ever see it because there was no entrance to his great world. After reaching manhood, he developed his speed of creation, one day when he was making an unbelievably huge globe of colors his speed got fast enough to bring him to the nearest land, the earth. As he reached the earth, he brought peace by the power of art.

let’s introduce Arteus (After Effects handy plugin). We build a platform which works so easy, in fact, make your job so easy! We try our best to make handy and useful aftereffects template and we add them to this platform. You can see the templates before opening them then add them to your scene just by one click! you can test Arteus for free, purchase each part you want and unlock the other items. This huge extension contains many categories. We always update its contents and make it more and more.
Join Arteus God of Art & Creation.
Download it for free.

In this plugin, you find several packages and it will grow and add at the time. Each package may contain several categories. You can select and purchase each package then drag and drop zip file to your extension. It will be automatically installed.
This huge platform is fully responsive. it means you can place it anywhere on Aftereffect that makes you comfortable. All of the elements change the shape and fully accessible.

install Arteus just by one click on your Pc or Macintosh. It is an installing extension. After installation completed, open Aftereffects cc, go to the windows bar, Extension menu, and open Arteus.
There is always several free items in deferent categories. If you want to unlock the other items, just purchase the zip file from our profile on https://videohive.net/user/3motional/portfolio
Drag and drop it on Arteus extension. The items will be unlocked. enjoy it!
Remember: we always make our items up to date. You can update new items by clicking on the update icon appears beside the extension.

Get it for free!
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